PhD graduates

Name     Year     Title
Elias Sundström   2017   Flow instabilities in centrifugal compressors at low mass flow rate
Marco Ferro   2017   Experimental study on turbulent boundary-layer flows with wall transpiration
Julie Vernet   2017   Plasma actuators for separation control on bluff bodies
Ellinor Appelquist   2017   The rotating-disk boundary-layer flow studied through numerical simulations
Ramin Imani Jajarmi   2016   Acoustic separation and electrostatic sampling of submicron particles suspended in air
Tomas Rosén   2016   Angular dynamics of non-spherical particles in linear flows related to production of biobased materials
Renzo Trip   2016   Shedding light on the bluff body wake instability
Sohrab S. Sattarzadeh   2016   Boundary layer streaks as a novel laminar flow control method
Shintaro Imayama   2015   Studies of the rotating-disk boundary-layer flow
Martin Söder   2015   Creation and destruction of in-cylinder flows; Large eddy simulations of the intake and the compression strokes
Johan Fjällman   2014   Large Eddy Simulations of Complex Flows in IC-Engine's Exhaust Manifold and Turbine
Karl Håkansson   2014   Orientation of elongated, macro and nano-sized particles in macroscopic flows
Athanasia Kalpakli Vester   2014   Vortices in turbulent curved pipe flow—rocking, rolling and pulsating motions
Mathias Kvick   2014   Transitional and turbulent fibre suspension flows
Ylva Odemark   2014   Wind-turbine wake flows - Effects of boundary layers and periodic disturbances
Markus Pastuhoff   2014   Measuring with pressure sensitive paint in time-varying flows
Olle Bodin   2013   Simulations of compressible flows associated with internal combustion engines
Alexander Sakowitz   2013    
Shahab Shahinfar   2013   An experimental study on streamwise streaks in transitional boundary layers
Fredrik Laurantzon   2012   Flow measurements related to gas exchange applications
Malte Kjellander   2012   Energy concentration by converging shock waves in gases
Bengt Fallenius   2011   Experimental design and vortex analyses in turbulent wake flows
Outi Tammisola   2011   Numerical stability studies of one-phase and immiscible two-phase jets and wakes
Gabriele Bellani   2011    
Thomas Kurian   2010   An experimental investigation of disturbance growth in boundary layer flows
Fredrik Hellström   2010   Numerical computations of the unsteady flow in turbochargers
Ramis Örlü   2009   Experimental studies in jet flows and zero pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layers
Allan Carlsson   2009   Near wall fibre orientation in flowing suspensions
Veronica Eliasson   2007   On focusing of shock waves
Luca Facciolo   2006   A study on axially rotating pipe and swirling jet flows
Olle Törnblom   2006   Experimental and computational studies of turbulent separating internal flows
Thomas Hällqvist   2006   Large Eddy Simulation of Impinging Jets with Heat Transfer
Davide Medici   2006   Experimental Studies of Wind Turbine Wakes - Power Optimisation and Meandering
Nulifer Ipek   2006   Mathematical modelling and experimental studies of the electrolytic pickling of stainless steel
Claes Holmqvist   2005   Mechanical Modelling of Blade Forming and Drainage of Flocculated Suspensions
Richard Holm   2005   Fluid mechanics of fibre suspensions related to papermaking
Johan Gullman-Strand   2004   Turbulence and scalar flux modelling applied to separated flows
Jens Fransson   2003   Flow control of boundary layers and wakes
Junichiro Shiomi   2003   Control of oscillatory thermocapillary convection
Kristian Angele   2003   Experimental studies of turbulent boundary layer separation and control
Fredrik Lundell   2003   Experimental studies of bypass transition and its control
Björn Lindgren   2002   Flow facility design and experimental studies of wall-bounded turbulent shear-flows
Mehran Parsheh   2001   Flow in contractions with application to headboxes
Carl Häggmark   2000   Investigations of disturbances developing in a laminar separation bubble flow.
Jens Österlund   1999   Experimental studies of zero pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layer flow
Daniel Söderberg   1999   Hydrodynamics of Plane Liquid Jets Aimed at Applications in Paper Manufacturing.
Petra Wikström   1998   Measurements, direct numerical simulation and modeling of passive scalar transport in turbulent flow
Per Elofsson   1998   Experiments on oblique transition in wall bounded shear flows
Torbjörn Sjögren   1997   Development and calibration of turbulence models through experiment and compucation
Johan Westin   1997   Laminar turbulent boundary layer transition influenced by free stream turbulenc
Ardeshir Hanifi   1995   Local and Non-local Stability Analysis and Transition Prediction of Compressible Boundary Layer Flow
Nils Tillmark   1995   Experiments on transition and turbulence in plane couette flow.
John Matsson   1993   Channel flow instabilities induced by curvature and rotation.
Barbro Klingmann   1991   Laminar-turbulent transition in plane Poiseuille flow
Johan Groth   1991   On the modelling of homogeneous turbulence.
Dan Henningson   1988   The development of localized disturbances in plane Poiseuille flow.
Arne Johansson   1982   An experimental study of the structure of turbulent channel flow.
Henrik Alfredsson   1982   An experimental study of turbulent channel flow using conditional sampling methods.
Torgny Lagerstedt   1979   An experimental study of the relation between turbulent drag reduction and anomalous flow behaviour
Håkan Gustavsson   1978   On the evolution of disturbances in boundary layer flows.
Rune Lindgren   1957   The transition process and other flow phenomena in viscous flow.
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