Fredrik Lundell awarded prize from Lars-Erik Thunholm’s Foundation

Published Sep 07, 2015

Associate Professor Fredrik Lundell has been awarded a prize from Lars-Erik Thunholm's Foundation for the Promotion of Scientific Research. The prize, which is 100 kSEK, is ment to be used in Fredrik's research in fluid mechanics with application to the production of super strong fibers from nanocellulose . The research is conducted within the Wallenberg Wood Science Center. Some results of these activities have been published in Nature Communications*.

The manufacturing process is currently under intense development with the objectives of making even stronger fibers as well as enabling the production of larger amounts of fiber. The achieved results are brilliant examples of how research and development can be conducted in a multidisciplinary environment. In this case, Fredrick's expertise in the field of fluid physics within Linné Flow Centre, combined with expertise in fiber and polymer technology and methods for advanced characterization by synchrotron at PETRA III at DESY in Hamburg.

*Håkansson, K.M.O., Fall, A.B., Lundell, F., Yu, S., Krywka, C., Roth, S.V., Santoro, G., Kvick, M., Prahl Wittberg, L., Wågberg, L. & Söderberg, L.D. 2014, "Hydrodynamic alignment and assembly of nanofibrils resulting in strong cellulose filaments", Nature Communications, vol. 5, 4018.

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